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Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches knows they can ruin a whole day. Food choices may be able to help prevent them. The cause of migraines is still something of a mystery. Doctors say everything from changing hormone levels to poor sleeping habits to low blood sugar can trigger them.

To help control migraines related to food, keep a diary of what you eat each day. This can help discover what might be triggering the migraines. Eat small, frequent meals that contain magnesium, which can reduce migraine frequency. Foods that are rich in magnesium include nuts, fish, legumes, bran flakes, and dark green leafy vegetables. Common migraine triggers are red wine and aged cheese.

If you think your migraines may be food-related, contact a registered dietitian for help.

(Source: www.eatright.org, a website of the American Dietetic Association.)

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