Tip of the Day

Does your life feel off-kilter because you’re always rushing, doing, accomplishing? Try a day of rest.

You’re so busy, trying to pack every moment with activity so you can advance your career, keep fit and tend to all the other responsibilities in your life. You never have time to appreciate what you have or to think about where you’re going. What can you do?

The hectic pace of most women’s lives leaves little time to enjoy what they’re so busy working for. In her new book, To Begin Again: The Journey Toward Comfort, Strength and Faith in Difficult Times , Naomi Levy proposes a solution: a day of rest. Set aside one day a week to stop working, running errands, cleaning house and answering the phone. Instead, reflect, rejoice, be grateful and rest. Try it for one week, and see whether a day of rest doesn’t make the workweek more tolerable and rejuvenate your flagging spirit.

(Source: www.mayoclinic.com.)

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