Tip of the Day

The bathroom can be a frustrating place for anyone with pain and restricted mobility. Here are some ideas to help make bathroom activities more comfortable.

* Use a nonslip mat in the tub to decrease the chance of falling, and a bath mitt with soap sewn into it to save a bar soap from flying out of your hands.

* If possible have lever taps installed-these are much easier to turn on and off than round knobs.

* A fluffy terry cloth robe works wonderfully as a towel.

* Use liquid dish and bath soap, shampoo and conditioner in pump jars-and use your palm, rather than a finger or thumb to press the pump handle.

* For hairbrushes and other implements, look for big, nonslip handles with an extended reach.

Koehn, C., Palmer, T., Esdaile, J. Rheumatoid Arthritis Plan to Win. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 2002.

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