Tip of the Day

Physical activity (and exercise) is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does physical activity make you look and feel better, but it is also critical for improving your health and extending your life. Being active significantly lowers your chances of developing potentially fatal illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In addition, remaining active throughout your life can help you stay healthy and disability-free as you age.

Here’s a rundown on the benefits you can expect from regular activity:

Lower risk of early death

Lower risk of heart disease

Lower risk of high blood pressure (If your blood pressure is already elevated, you can expect it to drop.)

Better weight control

Lower risk of diabetes

Lower risk of colon cancer

Increased bone strength

Improved balance

Lower risk of depression and anxiety

Increased energy level

Overall sense of well-being

(Source: Harvard Medical School’s Consumer Health Information, at www.InteliHealth.com)

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