Tip of the Day

Creating safe and comfortable surroundings can help an Alzheimer’s patient feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed. Before you introduce specific safety precautions into the living area consider the following points:

* Focus on prevention, not teaching: rather than trying to teach or retrain the person to do things safely, you might be more successful by taking preventative action. For example, to guard against fires or burnings, you may want to remove the knobs from your stove.

* Be patient and slow down: keep in mind many accidents occur when the person with Alzheimer’s is rushed. It takes time, sometimes more than a minute, for the person to understand or remember how to perform tasks.

* Do what you think is best: rely on your common sense and do what you think is in the individual’s best interest. Trade-offs may be necessary in balancing the person’s safety versus fulfilling the patient’s privacy and need for independence.

(Source: Alzheimer's Association)

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