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Tip of the Day

The nutritional supplement glucosamine boosts the pain-relieving power of ibuprofen, according to a new study by Temple University researchers. This new drug combination could one day allow patients to take a lower dose of ibuprofen and get the same pain relief with fewer unwanted side effects. First, the researchers confirmed that glucosamine, alone, does not block pain. It's believed that any pain-relieving properties of glucosamine are a side effect of its ability to repair bone damage. Next, they combined glucosamine with a variety of NSAIDs at a variety of dosages. With several NSAIDs, including naproxen, the addition of glucosamine caused an additive effect, meaning the sum of each drug's properties. When combined with aspirin or acetaminophen, the result was subadditive, or less than the sum of each drug's properties. But when combined with ibuprofen, the researchers found pain relief was enhanced and therefore synergistic. (Source: NewsRx.com.)