Tip of the Day

Nothing soothes like a hot rice pack on the back of your neck or wherever aches you most. The simplest way to create one is with an intact tube sock or pillow case. Just pour in several cups of dry, raw rice–any rice except instant rice works fine. Tie the sock or pillow case closed with a good knot. Toss your sack in the microwave for about two minutes or so, until it reaches the perfect hot temperature to relax any muscle spasm. Heating time depends on the size of your sack and the strength of your microwave. When it begins to cool, place it directly on your clothes or skin. Rice sacks heat up more intensely than electric heating pads and are much safer. Their flexible consistency is particularly soothing. (Source: “Ten Tips on Living with Fibromyalgia Syndrome” by Deborah A. Barrett, Ph.D. www.paintracking.com.)

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