Tip of the Day

No matter how well you have prioritized your tasks, if you don’t pace yourself properly, you may not have the stamina to carry out your plan. Estimate your energy level realistically, and allow for some adjustments as your fibromyalgia [or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] symptoms worsen or improve. Here are some tips: • Take breaks during or between tasks, before you get too tired. A ratio of 10 minutes of rest to every 50 minutes of activity works well for many. When your symptoms are more active, rest longer and more frequently.
• Alternate light and heavy tasks, doing the toughest jobs when you’re feeling your best. Stick to the time you planned to work and then quit – you’ll get more done in the long run than if you wear yourself out.
• Avoid rushing. You’ll be more efficient at a comfortable pace than on a hectic schedule that invites mistakes and accidents. Allow time for the unexpected.
• Divide big jobs into little ones.
• Avoid activities that tax you beyond endurance. Just say no.
(Source: “Your Personal Guide to Living Well with Fibromyalgia” – An official publication of the Arthritis Foundation)

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