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For the person with fibromyalgia (FM), exercise isn't an option; it's a necessity according to some doctors. Dr. Robyn DeSautel, a chiropractor who practices in Seattle, is a proponent of regular exercise. "Exercising and stretching the muscles of the body will cause a reduction of symptoms in both CFS and FM," she says. "Many patients mistakenly believe that since they don't feel like moving, they shouldn't. However, motion is life. Lack of motion and resting too often create deterioration and lack of blood flow to the muscles, organs, and tissues. Increased blood flow through both cardiovascular exercise (which increases heart rate) and stretching will strengthen the heart muscle, remove built-up toxins at the cellular level, and increase endorphins (the natural feel-good chemicals of the body). Exercise is most beneficial if done in short periods, 20-30 minutes, and repeated daily. It is repetition and consistency that cause permanent improvements. (Source: Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by Mari Skelly and Andrea Helm.)

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