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If your CFS is yeast-connected, you’ll nearly always improve when you change your diet, clean up your home environment, take prescription and non-prescription antifungal agents, avoid foods that cause sensitivity reactions, and take probiotics and other nutritional supplements.

But, if you still have CFS and you are doing all these things and are at a standstill, it could be because you are absorbing toxins from the mercury/silver amalgam fillings in your mouth. The hazards of silver-mercury fillings have been talked about by a handful of dentists during the past decade. According to those who oppose the use of these fillings, they can cause toxic reactions and play a part in making people sick. Symptoms attributed to these fillings include fatigue, headache, central nervous system dysfunction, muscle and joint pains and disturbances in other parts of the body.

(Source: Tired – So Tired and the ‘Yeast Connection’ by William G. Crook, M.D.)

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