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Tip of the Day

According to leading CFS physician Paul Cheney, M.D., “Plant bioflavonoids are very important. If you just use multi-vitamins, you don’t get much improvement in lipid peroxidation until you add in the plant bioflavonoids, which I think act to couple, oxidize and reduce these vitamins. Otherwise, the vitamins don’t work very well. Examples of plant bioflavonoids are proanthocyanadins, pycnogenol®, silymarin, quercetin, ginkgo biloba, green tea, grape seed extract, and many others. Bioflavanoids not only augment the effects of antioxidants by recycling them to their reduced state, they also reduce the chance of a pro-oxidant effect (oxidative stress/free radical damage). Pycnogenol® has a particularly potent effect in the brain, and silymarin in the liver.”

(Source: Dr. Cheney’s Basic Treatment Plan for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. ImmuneSupport.com)