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When you live with a chronic illness, support is extremely important. Author and chronic illness sufferer Susan Milstrey Wells writes, “In his autobiography Out of My Life and Thought, Nobel prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer said there is a ‘brotherhood of those who bear the mark of pain.’ When we meet others who share our pain, we can begin to relax, maybe for the first time since we became ill. One woman’s doctor put her in touch with another patient who shared her disease. She said, ‘I cried when I talked to her because somebody finally understood what I was going through.’ Eventually, she helped found a local support group for other patients (with interstitial cystitis) which was part of a national network. ‘I was able to take an active role in my own health care,’ she said, ‘I didn’t feel victimized by my disease.’

(Source: A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully with Chronic Illness, by Susan Milstrey Wells.)

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