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Gregg Charles Fisher writes, “A unique treatment for CFS is aggressive rest therapy (ART). The concept of ART is not just to rest when you feel horribly ill or even merely to eliminate ‘pushing’; this is a program of aggressive rest. Even when you feel you have a little energy, you should rest. In fact, you should rest all the time. There are only two exceptions to this. One is to exercise in order to prevent deconditioning, and the other is to do enough to meet one’s emotional and psychological needs, such as visiting with a friend.”

(Source: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A complete guide to symptoms, treatments, and solving the practical problems of CFS. By Gregg Charles Fisher, with contributions by Paul Cheney, M.D., Ph.D., Nelson Gantz, M.D., David Klonoff, M.D., and James Oleske, M.D.)

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