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Although fibromyalgia is most common in women, the disorder has become increasingly common in adolescents. In fact, musculoskeletal pain syndromes represent the most common problems seen by pediatric rheumatologists. Of children with chronic pain syndromes, 25% to 40% fulfill the criteria for juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome.

The syndrome was first reported in the medical literature in 1985 by Muhammed B. Yunus, M.D., of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Many of the symptoms seen by Dr. Yunus’s group were similar to those seen in adults with fibromygalgia, but the children had fewer tender points. Because the American College of Rheumatology has developed diagnostic criteria for adults, the validity for this criteria in the pediatric population is unknown.

(Source: Your Personal Guide to Living Well with Fibromyalgia – An Official Publication of the Arthritis Foundation.)

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