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According to the renowned CFS & FM physician Charles Lapp, M.D., “I can never emphasize enough that taking periodic rest breaks, limiting activities, and maintaining low level aerobic activities is the very most important treatment for both CFS and FM. Unfortunately, many sufferers are unwilling to accept these drastic lifestyle changes.

There is no drug, no potion, no supplement, herb or diet that even competes with lifestyle change for the treatment of CFS or FM. The next most important step is to minimize stress, optimize your support systems, and to maintain a positive attitude despite adversity. I have never seen a study that proves these points, but I can assure you from experience that pushing and crashing, denial, depression, and a negative attitude are all formulas for disaster, and I have never seen a patient who practiced them and yet recovered.

Drugs, supplements, and alternative therapies are only supportive and symptomatic treatments that make the path toward recovery more bearable. But they do make it more bearable for most.”

(Source: Pro Health’s Healthwatch Treatment Guide 2002. Online at http://www.immunesupport.com/healthwatch/.)

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