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Hypnosis is well documented as being effective in reducing anxiety and pain. Controlled studies have proven hypnotherapy effective for the treatment of some fibromyalgia symptoms. A trained hypnotherapist will guide you into a trance-like state which is very similar to deep relaxation. He or she will then guide you through a series of suggestions to reduce pain, eliminate stress and anxiety, help you sleep, etc. It is not known how hypnotism works. It just does. These sessions can be taped so you can practice at home. About 90% of the population can be hynotized, and it is safe when done by a properly trained therapist. There usually is a society in each state for hypnotists; many are psychologists or medical doctors who use hypnotism in their practice. It would be helpful to find one who specializes in pain, relaxation, stress reduction or anxiety. (Source: Taking Charge of Fibromyalgia, by Julie Kelly, M.S., R.N., and Rosalie Devonshire, M.S.W.)

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