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At this year's AACFS International Research and Clinical Conference, Dr. Ben Natelson (UMDNJ – New Jersey Medical School) enumerated the encephalopathic features seen in CFS, namely cognitive dysfunction (tested by the PASAT and tests of complex attention), subcortical high intensity areas in the frontal cortex on MRI, and modestly increased ventricular (brain) volumes. Lumbar punctures in 39 CFS subjects revealed elevated protein or greater than 5 white cells per hpf in 15 cases. Interestingly, none of the subjects with abnormal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were depressed or carried an Axis 1 psychiatric diagnosis, while all CFS patients with normal CSF had concurrent depression. (Source: AACFS 6th International Research and Clinical Conference – excerpted from Dr. Charles Lapp's summary of the conference.)

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