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Pro Health wishes you a safe and healthy Fourth of July! At this year's AACFS International Research and Clinical Conference, A New York cardiologist, Dr. Julian Stewart, declared that Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a common autonomic abnormality in CFS/FM, was related to decreased arterial vasoconstriction in the lower extremities. He performed Whitney strain gauge plethysmography in adolescents with CFS to demonstrate that most have "low flow POTS." This means that blood flow to the lower extremities is slow, peripheral venous resistance is high, and such patients frequently have acrocyanosis (skin turns bluish in color) on prolonged standing. He studied 14 subjects aged 13-19 years. (Source: AACFS 6th International Research and Clinical Conference – excerpted from Dr. Charles Lapp's summary of the conference.)

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