Tip of the Day

The following suggestions may be of help for people with arthritis who have difficulty getting to and from work or walking long distances:

* Consider carpooling. Employee bulletin boards may help you find drivers.

* Consider using public transportation. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, all public transportation is required to be accessible to people with disabilities.

* Consider having adaptive equipment installed in your car to make driving easier. The “Big Three” American car makers all offer rebates to assist customers to install adaptive equipment in new cars and provide lists of companies that do the work.

* Ask your employer to provide reserved or accessible parking spaces near building entrances.

* Obtain an accessible parking sticker or license plate for the disabled through your State Transportation Department so you can park closer to the building.

* If necessary, request a ramp leading to the building entrance.

* Request an office space near the entrance.

(Source: University of Washington, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine)</

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