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Derek Enlander, M.D., writes in "The CFS Handbook" that, "Contrary to a number of doctors who pat the patient on the back and refer them to a psychiatrist because they think the patient's condition is caused by depression, this is not a primary depression. Depression, if present, is caused by the chronic nature of the disease and is secondary, in the same manner that depression occurs in any long-term illness. A patient should be very wary if the physician recommends excessive and expensive treatments such as intravenous drips that may have serious adverse effects on the kidneys and have no proven benefits. The problem is that we [physicians] do not know the mechanism of this disease; many of us believe it may be a dysfunction of the immune system." (Source: The CFS Handbook by Derek Enlander, M.D. To order, visit http://enlander-com.mycoolinternet.net/.)

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