Tip of the Day

If you decide to let everyone at work know you have arthritis, plan carefully how and when to discuss the subject with your co-workers or supervisors. Research carefully all the changes that could be made to make your work as productive as possible.

Schedule a meeting with your supervisor at a time when neither one of you is under pressure. It may also be helpful to find an opportunity to talk informally with your co-workers or a personnel officer about ways to make things go more smoothly.

In the meetings, describe as simply as possible the ways arthritis may affect your work. Make it plain that you are not looking for sympathy, but for ways to resolve the problem that will benefit both the company (or your coworkers) and yourself.

You are the expert on what you need to work efficiently. Offer suggestions for changes that could be made, based on the research you have done before the meeting. Chances are any changes you may need will not cost much.

Be sure to remember that the goal of these meetings should be to generate a supportive atmosphere in which everyone works together as part of a team.

(Source: University of Washington, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine)<

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