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Most animals make their own vitamin C, but humans have to get it in their diet. It's the most popular vitamin supplement in the U.S., extensively researched for its antioxidant properties. A study published in 2000 suggested that vitamin C may have beneficial effects for people with fibromyalgia, though the study was small and not rigorously designed. Twelve women with fibromyalgia who took a 500 mg-blend of ascorbigen and broccoli powder for one month reported less sensitivity to pain and better quality of life. [Altern Med Rev 2000 Oct;5(5):455.] (Source: This foregoing is an excerpt reprinted with permission from "Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia: An A to Z Guide" by Kenna Simmons, which is an official publication of the Arthritis Foundation, 1-800-207-8633, and available online at www.arthritis.org.)

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