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In March 2003, Action for M.E. sent out postal surveys to over 1,000 members for their feedback on living with M.E./CFS. Here is what they had to say about the importance of pacing: "Confirming earlier findings, a massive 89% said pacing had helped them significantly. Here's what some respondents said 'pacing' means to them: 'Spacing out periods of mental and physical activity with rest periods in between. Gradually increasing both mental and physical activity but still maintaining rest periods.' 'Knowing my limitations, without losing sight of the next milestone. I alternate activity with rest and avoid hurrying. Once a month I push myself and either move forward or deal with the setback it brings.' 'Setting a level of daily activity is sustainable and will not cause a worsening of symptoms – and that can gradually be increased as my health improves.'" (Source: InterAction, issue 45, August 2003, the magazine published by Action for M.E.)

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