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Asked about common problems people with M.E./CFS experience, Action for M.E. counselor Georgiana Nye replied, "Each client I've counseled has met their illness in an individual way but regular themes include: a sense of being unable to cope, feeling overwhelmed by problems – and by grief and anger (often denied), long-term arguments with employers, and difficulties with relationships due to lack of energy. It's a sad lot to have to deal with alone. Some refuse to accept the illness and so keep overdoing it, not understanding why they continue to relapse. Others are so stricken by feeling ill that they're frightened to do much of anything and feel anxious and depressed; they need reassurance. Some are ready to work with ways of dealing with the illness, and others are stuck in past hurts and life events which have disabled them in some way. We try to help them move through these." (Source: InterAction, issue 45, August 2003, the magazine published by Action for M.E.)

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