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Tip of the Day

The Alexander technique is taught in groups or one-on-one settings. In both, and instructor observes the way students walk, sit, stand and bend and coaches students to relax neck muscles so the head balances freely on top of the neck. Using verbal instruction and gentle touch, the practitioner will show students how to improve posture during common activities, such as sitting at a desk. The number of lessons varies, and instructors usually suggest one-on-one coaching to customize the technique.

Because the chronic neck and back pain often associated with fibromyalgia can cause people to tense up their muscles, leading to more pain, the Alexander technique is sometimes recommended as a way to counter bad posture habits and reduce muscle pain.

(Source: Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia: An A to Z Guide, by Kenna Simmons. An official publication of the Arthritis Foundation. To purchase, visit www.arthritis.org.)