Tip of the Day

Air travel can be stressful for everyone, including those with arthritis. Here are a few tips to help make your experience as comfortable as possible:

* Request any special services at the time you book your reservation.

* Reserve seats ahead of time to avoid standing in lines.

* If you will need special assistance, arrive at least one hour before the normal check-in time and allow extra time to get to the airport and through the terminal to the departing gate.

* If you have difficulty walking, request an airport wheelchair or motorized cart to save energy. Such requests should be made in advance.

* Ask skycaps to carry your luggage.

* Curbside check-in saves on luggage carrying and standing in lines.

* Check all luggage through to your final destination, especially if you have connecting flights.

* Prevent stiffness during a flight with simple range-of-motion exercises or by getting up and moving around if possible.

(Source: University of Washington, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine)

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