Tip of the Week 12/13/02

It is important that a person with Alzheimer’s disease receive regular medical care. When visiting the doctor, advance planning can help the trip to the office go more smoothly.

* Try to schedule the appointment for the person’s best time of day, and ask the office staff what time of day the office is least crowded.

* Let the office staff know in advance that this person may be confused, and if there is something they might be able to do to make the visit go more smoothly, ask.

* Don’t tell the person about the appointment until the day of the visit or even shortly before it is time to go. Be positive and matter-of-fact.

* Bring along something for the person to eat and drink and any activity that he or she may enjoy.

* Have a friend or another family member go with you on the trip, so that one of you can be with the person while the other speaks with the doctor.

(Source: National Institutes of Health)

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