TRANSCRIPT of ME/CFS Dr. Sarah Myhill’s GMC Hearing

On Thursday April 29, Dr. Myhill defended her case at the General Medical Council Interim Orders Panel hearing in London. The GMC Panel’s verdict – in time for Awareness Month – was that it is necessary to restrict Dr. Myhill’s practice of medicine (in part by imposing the condition that she must not prescribe her patients “any prescription-only medication, as detailed in the British National Formulary” for at least 18 months).

• To read the hearing transcript on Dr. Myhill’s website, CLICK HERE

• To read the presentation Dr. Myhill gave in her defense, CLICK HERE

• To read the GMC’s full final verdict & conditions on Dr. Myhill’s website, CLICK HERE.

• To view the YouTube video of Dr. Myhill’s address to advocates before the verdict was delivered, filmed on the sidewalk outside the hearing site – CLICK HERE. Security officers pushed away advocates who traveled to the site in order to demonstrate support.

• To review the background of the event and get further updates – visit Dr. Myhill’s site – CLICK HERE.

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One thought on “TRANSCRIPT of ME/CFS Dr. Sarah Myhill’s GMC Hearing”

  1. EmmaS says:

    It is a scandal that such a caring and able doctor continues to be persecuted in this way.

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