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Traveling CFS Photo Exhibit Is on the Move! Mall of America August 6-15

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The traveling Faces of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome photo exhibit – really a set of seven-foot-tall banners featuring the very-different faces and statements of eight people with CFS, plus two doctors who care about them – is on the road.

Coast to coast, it will be bringing the personal realities of CFS to events and public places as part of the National CFS Awareness Campaign. And its debut, for a huge crowd, was at the recent American Academy of Nurse Practitioners conference in Dallas.

Traveling CFS Photo Exhibit Starring in Minnesota’s Mall of America August 6-15

An estimated one million people will view “The Faces of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” traveling photo exhibit at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, August 6 through 15.

Signs will be posted throughout this 525-store mall, the nation’s largest, and on the tabletops in its food court, pointing visitors to the CFS exhibit. Meanwhile, local, state, and regional media outlets will be running news stories to boost the exhibit and its meaning.

The huge photo banners are emblazoned with the images and stories of CFS patients who represent both the face of CFS and the face of America. One of the faces is ProHealth Founder Rich Carson, who has worked steadily for almost 20 years to support and report on CFS and FM research. “While CFS is sometimes referred to as a ‘woman’s disease,’ it's crucial for the public to know that it affects kids and men, too,” says Rich. Watch here to learn when the Traveling Exhibit will reach your area.

We’re very proud that one of the Faces of CFS is ProHealth Founder Rich Carson, “The Entrepreneur.” To read his story, as featured in our local Santa Barbara News-Press, go to http://www.immunesupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm/ID/7167/T/CFIDS_FM/searchtext/awareness

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (241 votes, average: 3.15 out of 5)

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