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Treatment and prevention of Lyme disease, with emphasis on antimicrobial therapy for neuroborreliosis and vaccination.

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Antibiotic therapy is recommended for all forms of neuroborreliosis. Although stage 2 neuroborreliosis will usually resolve without any treatment, antibiotic therapy has been associated with faster resolution of symptoms and may prevent additional non-neurologic
disease manifestations. Ceftriaxone is the most convenient parenteral agent for stage 2 and 3 neuroborreliosis because of its once-daily dosage. Available data indicate that a 2-4-week treatment course is adequate for most patients. Patients with isolated seventh nerve palsy may be treated with an oral agent (for example, doxycycline). Recombinant outer surface protein A of Borrelia burgdorferi is a highly protective immunogen for prevention of
Lyme disease in experimental animals. Humoral immunity is sufficient for protection. A recombinant OspA vaccine has been licensed for prevention of
Lyme disease in dogs. Licensure of an OspA vaccine for humans will depend on a critical analysis of the results of recently completed efficacy studies.

Semin Neurol. 1997 Mar;17(1):45-52. Review

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