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Update on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease.


With our better understanding of
Lyme disease, we now know it is not the “great imitator” of
disease it once was thought to be. Limited, identifiable syndromes can be related to
Lyme disease. Most of the
disease‘s manifestations resolve without treatment. Treatment with standard antibiotics is very effective at preventing the development of long-term sequelae. The
Lyme disease vaccine is safe and effective at preventing transmission of
Lyme disease. Future improvements in the care of patients with
Lyme disease should focus on identifying the etiology and most effective therapies for patients with posttreatment chronic
Lyme disease syndrome, determining the safety and efficacy of vaccination in children, and developing second generation vaccines with improved efficacy and dosing schedules, possibly through the addition of antigens expressed in the human host.

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