VIDEO: Healthy Eating and Fibromyalgia

In this interview, Mandy Curry, co-founder of Healthy Kids Inc, sits down to talk with her Mom Lindy about fibromyalgia. Lindy was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990. During this interview, Mandy and her mom talk about:

  • Just how bad the fibro pain was and how long she had lived with the disease.

  • The oh-so-many treatment plans she tested and the one solution that finally worked.

  • The 10-day detox

  • How the gut plays into fibro and what she does to repair hers.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Healthy Eating and Fibromyalgia”

  1. IanH says:

    While this interview is interesting and shows a poor diet in Lindy it does not show that the poor diet is a cause of FM. Clearly changing your diet can help reduce symptoms but that does not prove that FM is caused by poor diet. There are people with FM who have had a very good diet prior to illness. FM IS NOT caused by excessive sugar in the diet.

    The description of symptoms is curious.
    “fatigue is the worst part of FM ???
    – sleeps through to 3am??? That is 5 hours continuous sleep. People with serious Fm rarely get more than 3 hours at a stretch, often only 90 minutes before waking.

    These suggest a mild form of FM or something else which causes fatigue and pain.

    The deductions are curious too. (Not untypical of people with unexplained illness)
    Detoxing foot bath??? Yeast coming out of her feet??? I assume the yeast referred to is Candida albicans.
    ” I had a lot of toxins in my body”??? These were causing a lot of the pain???

    While sugar causes increased yeast growth, to say that it is right through the body is not correct.
    “Yeast causes inflammation” yes, peripherally but not right throughout the body.

    The white foaming is most likely due to built up dry skin and perhaps some Candida or Tinea, typical of an older person.

    The doctor said “No carbonation”??? What is the reason for this? Carbonation is not sugar. (It is possible that carbonated drinks (no sugar) cause some gut disturbance but unlikely).

    While sugar causes increased yeast growth, to say that it is right through the body is not correct.
    “Yeast causes inflammation” yes peripherally but not right throughout the body.

    It is a faulty deduction to conclude that the sugar causing increased yeast is the cause of symptoms. Sugar causes gut dysbiosis and many bacteria are affected. This can worsen symptoms but is NOT the cause of FM. We do know that gut dysbiosis worsens some symptoms.

    This person says they are cured but what did they have in the first place? To call it FM is part of the diagnostic problems we have with FM and ME/CFS.

    If we call this FM, then anything which causes people to experience lethargy and discomfort is FM. In this case, possibly dietary.

    I am pleased for Lindy and enjoyed the interview but I remain very skeptical about the deductions – which seem to be quite common in the absence of decent biomedical tests. Lets have more research into the biochemistry of these illnesses which we know are genetically correlated.

  2. Cockell says:

    I eat a very healthy diet , have always been a good weight and very sporty but still succumbed to this debilitating illness. Almost everything can be a trigger and think to try anything that may help must be worth a try………. I’ve almost run out of ideas

  3. Tuckvale says:

    I have fibro, it has got worse over the last year or 2. I am very interested in the diet. Can I ask if you eat fruit and drink tea or coffee?

    Well done and thanks for sharing

    Kind regards


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