VIDEO: Lessons Learned from the Neuroimaging of Pain, by Stanford pain expert Dr. Sean Mackey

[2012 update: we regret that the link to this video has been removed and we are unable to locate it elsewhere online.] On November 7, Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, (chief of the Stanford Medical School’s Division of Pain Management) presented this fascinating hour-long lecture on what advanced brain neuroimaging techniques are revealing about pain signaling & perception.

The video of his presentation (“Opening Windows to the Brain: Lessons Learned from the Neuroimaging of Pain”) is available for viewing or download at the NIH videocast library here – NO LONGER OPERATIONAL.

Dr. Mackey’s images and statistics demonstrate the individuality of pain perception and of responses to treatments (likely owing to genetic differences), supporting the need for trying different medicines and combinations of drugs to figure out what works best for individual patients. But he explains much more on pain and the brain, and the implications for new methods of pain management.

The lecture is part of a series sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

Text: You can also read or download a text file of the presentation, in all caps and short lines, at –

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