VIDEO: “ME/CFS Alert” TV show debuts with Dr. Enlander

The first segment of a new Web-based TV show – “ME/CFS Alert”, hosted by Llewellyn King and Deborah Waroff – is an interview with Dr. Derek Enlander, MD, a pioneering researcher in nutritional and antiviral therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia. Dr. Enlander practices in New York City and sees patients during regular visits to the UK. All “ME/CFS Alert” videos can be accessed at the ME/CFS Alert YouTube site at

Llewellyn King is a Washington, DC- based columnist and host of the weekly news & public affairs TV program White House Chronicle.”

Deborah Waroff is a New York-based writer and securities analyst who has been ill with ME/CFS for 22 years.

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Again, all “ME/CFS Alert” videos can be accessed at the ME/CFS Alert YouTube site at “ME/CFS Alert” segments and transcripts of some are also accessible at the website of Llewellyn King’s show – “White House Chronicle.” (

King’s interest in reporting on ME/CFS deepened after an article he wrote in April 2011 (“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Lives Interrupted”) drew an overwhelming response from ME/CFS advocates all over the world. At the time, he commented:

“In more than 50 years of reporting, I’ve never experienced so many people so misunderstood and abandoned by society and many doctors. I’ve worked on three continents and reported from around the world, but never have I had a response like the one I’ve had from writing about ME/CFS.”

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: “ME/CFS Alert” TV show debuts with Dr. Enlander”

  1. Saxifragas says:

    The 2nd video was very hard to hear as the sound was a bit low but it raised my spirits no end to hear Dr Enlander state categorically, whilst looking straight at the camera, that ME/CFS is a physical illness (not mental) and that GET and CBT are NOT helpful. At one point i felt quite emotional because ive never heard a Doctor speak so confidently adn with such knowledge about ME/CFS. There is hope 🙂 Thank you.

  2. grazing12 says:

    As someone who is often tired, but has never been diagnosed with any fatigue related syndromes, I’m
    interested in learning about ways that I can change my lifestyle to get a better grasp on my energy levels. I’ve read about everything from fatigue related diets to silver colloids to feng shui in regards to ways around fatigue.

    There is so much information on the subject online, which is as equally informative as it is overwhelming. Thus, I was happy to see a video by an expert like Dr. Enlander. To hear from someone who is an expert in ME/CFS is a great way to learn more on the subject. Though I don’t suffer from ME/CFS, I hope to gain insight from those with expertise on these conditions and learn more about combating the minor fatigue I suffer.

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