VIDEO: MECFS Alert 26 – Dr. Peterson Says ‘Hold on, There is Hope’

ME/CFS Alert co-host Llewellyn King interviews leading ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ clinician Daniel Peterson, MD, on the research world’s newest insights. Dr. Peterson, whose recently launched Simmaron Research Foundation ( is focused on finding and funding the world’s most promising pilot studies, lays out many reasons that now is a time for patients to have real hope.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: MECFS Alert 26 – Dr. Peterson Says ‘Hold on, There is Hope’”

  1. liis says:

    From the title, I was expecting more in the ‘hope’ department! Also wondering about Ampligen: Peterson basically thinks it’s terrific, but only about 100 people are on it in the US. I’ve noticed at least 2 people on ME/CFS memorial lists who were on Ampligen; I believe one died of cancer. If it’s really so great that’s a pretty high percentage of people dead relative to people on the drug. Any thoughts?

  2. herenow23 says:

    I like King’s advocacy, and I’m glad that Ampligen was at least explored.

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