VIDEO: Recovered from ME/CFS for 20 Years!

After suffering with ME/CFS for six years, Rebecca Mulligan recovered her health – and that recovery has lasted for 20 years. In this audio interview, Rebecca tells Dan Neuffer ( what she did to recover and how she has maintained her health for so long.

Dan Neuffer’s six-year story with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) / fibromyalgia began with an abrupt onset triggered by a vaccination. His symptoms included extreme fatigue not alleviated by rest, bouts of fever and other flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, night sweats, orthostatic hypotension, allodynia, excessive urination at night, salt cravings, pain and fibro fog.

After  fruitlessly seeing dozens of doctors, Dan took matters into his own hands and found a pathway to recovery. He believes that autonomic nervous system dysregulation plays a fundamental role in these illnesses, and that a comprehensive treatment approach is critical; when he found the right approach, treatments that hadn’t worked for him before began to work.

Since Dan recovered he has written two books, CFS Unravelled and Discover Hope and created an online recovery program for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia called ANS REWIRE. Check out his blogs on Health Rising here and his website here.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Recovered from ME/CFS for 20 Years!”

  1. scott_45242 says:

    I am glad you recovered. But the five or six year mark recovery is not magical. It happens quite often with no treatment at all. I am sure Yoga was a big help, but be careful of false attributions. If you still have any symptoms at all be careful with your stress levels! I don’t think anything Dan is promoting is valid or invalid. The short time frame of your illnesses wipes out any treatment.

    I will tell the story again to almost 100% full functionality after a fast food diet with long hours. i would never recommend this! False attribution!!!!

  2. DanNeuffer says:

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your positive comment and offering Rebecca congrats!

    I am not sure that it makes sense to me to say that if something was helpful, it isn’t valid because a person wasn’t sick for longer.

    But you are right that we need to be careful what we attribute success too. It gets especially confusing when people do many strategies at once. (which I think is actually a good thing to do)

    Thought that your comment about the stress levels is very pertinent indeed – it’s really the best measure of whether someone has truly recovered in my view.

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