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VIDEO: S.H.I.N.E. Fibromyalgia with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

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In this video, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is interviewed by Dr. Nick Delgado. Dr. Teitlebaum describes how this time in history has created a “perfect storm,” of stress and poor nutrition, resulting in a human energy crisis – up to and including the exhaustion and sleep deprivation that accompanies fibromyalgia.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: S.H.I.N.E. Fibromyalgia with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum”

  1. jasper2 says:

    I live in Southwestern Ireland. I would love to try the supplements as directed by the doctor in his book(which i have read) however shipping costs are prohibitive….any suggestions on where else I can source them ie amazon? Please and thank you.

  2. IanH says:

    Is fibromyalgia a lifestlye problem? Is it a “blown fuse”?
    Is it the result of psychological stress?

    There are quite a few who still maintain this premise despite there being only weak evidence to support this view. Dr. Teitelbaum seems to be one of these.

    Of course any person with FM will tell you that poor diet and stresses do affect symptoms. The same applies to most diseases, especially those affecting the nervous system like PD, MS, SLE, RA and even autism. Are these lifestyle illnesses?

    Current evidence strongly suggests that all of these are immune system disturbances which affect the nervous system.

    If you clean up your diet, get regular exercise and change your response to stress or remove the stresses do you cure FM? No you do not but you can better cope with the illness, with “flares” lessened and general pain and fatigued lessened. Sleep can be improved but most I have spoken with still struggle to get more than 5 hours sleep. The same applies to the other mentioned illnesses.

    while I agree with Dr. Teitelbaum about the changes that need to be made to reduce symptoms and cope better, they do not imply that the illness itself is a lifestyle disease, a result of deteriorated living practices.

    Some children are born with FM (nearly always the diagnosis is ME). Many I know, their mothers are assiduous about their diet and they certainly are not subjected to life stresses more than any other child. They haven’t got a “blown fuse”.

    I am not saying stress or diet are NOT a cause but we do not have enough evidence to say that.

    In animal models of fibromyalgia there are three states which can bring about the condition:

    1. chronic muscle or nerve insults,

    supporting the “neuromuscular priming response” and “central sensitization” ie. once started it does not stop because of immune system involvement. More specifically, activation of PKC? and adenosine (adenosine receptors) may maintain the hyperalgesia.

    Similar to this: combining a muscle fatiguing task with a low-intensity muscle insult results in long-lasting and widespread hyperalgesia. The human analogy is a person who is fatigued from long work hours then has a motor accident with a mild spinal injury or whip-lash develops FM over a period of about 6 months.

    2. depletion of biogenic amines.
    Here hyperalgesia is induced by using a drug, reserpine which reduces dopamine, norepinephrine, and 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin).
    This reserpine-induced hyperalgesia is reduced by administration of anticonvulsants (gabapentin), serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, and dopamine agonist drugs, but not by NSAIDs. which is typically what happens in human FM.

    In addition muscle-insult induce FM also causes a disruption of the neuro-amines.

    physiological stresses, such as excessive noise, light, cold and over-exercise. Of interest here is that after sound stress, lipopolysaccharide injected into skeletal muscle results in long-lasting mechanical hyperalgesia. A human example might be physiological stresses, including a prolonged infection combined with a leaky gut and consequent priming of macrophages.

    It is not possible to stress animals with psychological stressors because we don’t know about animal’s cognitions but the animal studies tell us that an FM state can be induced by conditions that do not necessarily require any psychological factors.

    You could say these three “inducers” are lifestyle factors but I think of them more as unfortunate combinations of insult which result in immune system changes which we do not yet fully understand.

  3. says:

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