Vote by Noon Dec 15 to win $5,000 for Dr. Peterson’s CFS research

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[Note: On December 15, your votes won the money for the ME/CFS research described here. Every bit helps the cause for all!]

With just one vote, one time, we can help win $5,000 (actually $10,000 with matching funds) for Dr. Daniel Peterson’s nonprofit Simmaron Research foundation for CFS – so cast your vote in the MOMS ON A MISSION Contest by Thursday, Dec 15. Any registered facebook user in the world can vote, so remember – the rising tide of research funding is lifting all boats. The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Assoc shared the following information on the contest from patient advocate Faith Wong:

Opportunity To Help Dr. Daniel Peterson’s ME/CFS Research!

One of our ME/CFS nonprofits, the Neuro-Immune Disease Alliance (NIDA), is participating in the MOMS ON A MISSION contest, sponsored by Blue Shield of California. NIDA funds a research initiative of Simmaron Research (Dr. Daniel Peterson’s research). NIDA was established in 2010 by Dan and Linda Tannenbaum, whose daughter has ME/CFS. They want to help her and the 17 million suffering from this illness worldwide. More info at:

The MOMS ON A MISSION contest is on Facebook at:

The voting period is Dec. 5th-15th. Persons may vote from anywhere around the world, and it is an easy, one-time vote. (There are only 17 nonprofits in the running.)

Please vote today and spread the word about this opportunity to benefit ME/CFS research. Your help will be much appreciated!

Faith Wong

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (8 votes, average: 3.65 out of 5)

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