Vote Now to Get a Chunk of the $5M Chase Community Giving for WPI & CFIDS Assoc.

Last year, PANDORA received $20,000 in this contest based on the number of votes cast for them. This year the contest is focusing on nonprofits with operating expenses between $1 million and $10 million. This year, let’s see if we can get some funding for charities now in the running that help us – such as the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Illness, and the CFIDS Association of America.

Voting for Round One ends May 4.  In Round One, each of the top 100 will win $25,000. In Round Two, potential donations go up to $500,000.

Each person can cast 10 votes (one per charity) in Round One and 5 votes Round 2. You can live anywhere in the world, but you must have a Facebook account to vote. Tell your family & friends to vote too; it’s free money in recognition of priceless services rendered to the chronic illness community.

You can vote for the WPI at:

You can vote for the CFIDS Association at:

To find and vote for other favorite local or national charities, go to:

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4 thoughts on “Vote Now to Get a Chunk of the $5M Chase Community Giving for WPI & CFIDS Assoc.”

  1. ccantiques says:

    None of the links are working!!

  2. beanier says:

    Some people have mentioned having problems voting if they are using Firefox. Using another browser like Internet Explorer or Opera hopefully might work. Please keep trying and thanks for voting!

  3. QuayMan says:
    (150 word limit)

    In spite of its silly-sounding name, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is as
    disabling as cancer, multiple sclerosis and late HIV disease. As many as 17
    million children and adults around the world have CFS, and we still don’t
    understand its causes. To end the suffering CFS inflicts, the CFIDS
    Association of America is building a critical mass of rigorous research that
    validates the biological basis for CFS and leads to better ways to diagnose
    and treat it. We’re putting research first to achieve the vision of a future
    in which the life-altering disability, stigma and isolation of CFS no longer
    exist. Your vote will help us award grants to support new research studies
    exploring diagnostics and treatments; expand our SolveCFS BioBank with more
    samples and clinical information on patients and healthy volunteers; and
    build a data-sharing platform to help researchers aggregate and analyze
    information using powerful bioinformatics tools. Based in Charlotte, NC, our
    work has worldwide impact.

  4. QuayMan says:

    From the Whittemore Peterson Institute Facebook page:

    A message from Annette Whittemore .

    “As the competition moves along more charities are combining efforts. In the spirit of working together for patients, we’re asking for people to use any unused votes to help support the CAA. Many have already voted for both and we thank you. Let’s make medical research and patients a priority on this top 10 list for Chase.”

    Links for the two organisations are:

    (i) the CFIDS Association of America:

    (ii) the Whittemore Peterson Institute

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