Watch History in the Making at the Center for Molecular Medicine/WPI Opening

“A Game Changer” “Collaborations Personified,"  “A Paradigm Shift in Medical Research,” “A Clear Message of Hope Around the World,” and “A New Era of Discovery and Healing" – that’s how dignitaries at the grand opening described The University of Nevada-Reno Center for Molecular Medicine and its Whittemore Peterson Institute, designed to house 130 biomedical researchers.

To view the August 16 podium speeches marking the historic opening of this unique biomedical research facility, click HERE .

Annette Whittemore, co-founder with Dr. Daniel Peterson of the WPI, speaks toward the end. (To watch a clip of that segment only, click HERE. ) Regarding ME/CFS and other neuro-immune illnesses, Annette pledged, “We will not stop our search until we find the answers.” And she announced that the WPI research lab has been named “The Mikovits Research Center,” in honor of Research Director Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Next up was daughter Andrea Whittemore. (To watch a clip of that segment only, click HERE ). Andrea joined patients and their loved ones worldwide in tears of happiness, announcing she’s honored to be one of the first patients of the WPI.

Attending dignitaries included flocks of senators, members of Congress and the National Institutes of Health, state assembly members, University of Nevada regents & other representatives, officers of foundations, and scores of advocates, researchers and clinicians. 

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