Weight Loss Tip of the Day

Ever have someone ask you, “Do you want some salad with that dressing?” If yes, you are probably putting too much Ranch on your dinner salad, and that can lead to an excess of calories and fat. In fact, just 2 tbsp of regular Ranch dressing contains 148 calories, with 140 of them from fat! When you make or buy a salad, a little bit of dressing goes a long way. Measure one tablespoon of dressing and toss well with your salad. The dressing will coat the salad instead of drenching it. You can also try placing your dressing to the side, dipping your fork in the dressing, and then use it to pick up the salad.

For an even more flavorful salad, sprinkle it with lemon pepper before adding dressing. Better yet, use light or fat free dressing. The same principle applies with other condiments, a little mayonnaise is all you need, and take advantage of the light and fat free varieties.

(Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

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