Weight Loss Tip of the Day

Some physicians recommend an omega-3 fatty acid supplement as an essential part of a weight loss program. Omega-3s speed weight loss by helping the body process fats. Insulin resistance, the major cause of weight gain, diabetes, and a host of other ills, develops in fat tissue, due to impaired fat storage. Consuming omea-3s increases fat processing to help turn that cycle around. Normally these important fats could be obtained from fish, but unfortunately due to contamination with toxic mercury and pesticides these fish may not be a completely safe food source. Omega-3 supplements have been processed to remove all toxic residues.

(Source: Mercola, Joseph. “The No-Grain Diet.” Penguin Books Ltd. New York, New York. 2003 p. 155)

Quote of the Day

“Look with favor upon a bold beginning.” – Virgil

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