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Weight Loss Tip of the Day

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Grilling can be a great way to prepare low fat meals. Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to prepare healthy food safely over the open flame:

* Clean the grilling surface thoroughly before cooking. By removing charred food debris, you also reduce exposure to possibly harmful substances. Before placing food on the grill, heat it to kill bacteria.

* Always completely defrost meat before grilling. The outside of frozen meat chars while the interior remains cold. After grilling, always remove blackened material from the food’s surface.

* Never let juices from uncooked meats come in contact with food that is ready to serve. For example, when removing cooked food from the grill, don’t put it on the same plate that had held raw meat.

* Cook meats until no longer pink on the inside. Turn meat at least once during grilling to help cook evenly throughout.

* Marinades can enhance flavor, tenderize and keep foods moist while grilling. Mixtures of herbs or spices with wine, soy sauce or lemon juice are popular. Remember, if you plan to use the same marinade later as a table sauce, it must be boiled for at least three minutes to kill bacteria.

(Source: www.mayoclinic.com)

Quote of the Day

“Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.” – John Lennon

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