Weight Loss Tip of the Day

There is an easy way to cut out the temptation of high-fat, high-sugar, high calorie sweets that call to you from your refrigerator or cabinet. Don’t buy them! What you don’t buy can’t hurt you. The next time you’re at the supermarket skip the cookie aisle and head for the produce section for some fruit and veggies. Skip the cola aisle and head for the juice freezer or try some hot tea. Replace that half gallon of double-chocolate-fudge brownie ice cream with a pint of low fat frozen yogurt or sorbet. Now that you’ve bought some healthier alternatives, don’t let them go to waste. Keep bowls of fruit easily accessible, like on the kitchen table and counter, and take vegetables like baby carrots or celery to work for a healthy snack.

Quote of the Day

“Talk doesn’t cook rice.” – Chinese Proverb

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