When a Negative is Positive – Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear

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Goodnighties Ionized Sleepwear Good health and quality sleep go hand in hand – you can’t have one without the other. But exactly how to get that quality sleep is the challenge facing more than 40 million Americans.

One company has developed a new product they believe will help meet that challenge – Goodnighties® Recovery Sleepwear. Goodnighties is a unique new type of sleepwear that promotes a deeper, more restorative sleep.

The secret to Goodnighties lies in the special IonX® fabric from which they’re made. IonX is a patented process that builds calming negative ions into the structure of the fabric.

What’s So Special About Negative Ions?

Plenty. Ions are positively or negatively charged molecules that are formed when enough energy acts on a molecule, such as water, to eject an electron. A molecule which loses an electron is positively charged and a molecule which attracts an electron is negatively charged.

In our modern world, we are bombarded daily with positive ions from things like pollution, computers and TV screens. Positive ions make us feel tired, depressed and irritable. However, negative ions, found in nature in places like beaches, waterfalls, forests and mountain tops, give us increased levels of energy and a sense of well-being.

So when it comes to ions, a positive is negative and a negative is positive.

Those negatively charged ions play an important role in sleep quality.

What Do Athletes, Astronauts and Racehorses Have in Common?

Professional and Olympic athletes, the military, NASA, and even racehorses have found that wearing ionized fabric next to their skin reduces pain, promotes healing and enhances their performance.

Through eight decades of research, scientists have discovered that exposing soft skin tissue to negative ions helps balance and counteract the not-so-positive effects of positive ions. An interesting fact: a whopping 85% of negative ions are absorbed through the skin. Simply put, wearing Goodnighties is like wrapping your body in a soft cloud of health-building negative ions.

Health Benefits of Negative Ions – the Research

Sleep dysfunction is common in many disorders including fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cancer and mental illness. Most medical professionals feel that this sleep disturbance is a major contributor to many of the symptoms like pain and fatigue experienced by these patients. Therefore, improving sleep quality is a key factor in treating these disorders.

Some of the beneficial effects of negative ions that may aid in improving sleep quality and promoting overall health include:(1-5)

•  Increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, which can have profound effects on sleep patterns.

•  Producing biochemical reactions that regulate serotonin levels.

•  Increasing melatonin, which helps to synchronize our biological clocks.

•  Helping us reach the REM stage of sleep more quickly and stay there longer.

•  Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and joints, which promotes pain relief.

•  Restoring the body’s pH balance by promoting an alkaline reaction in the cells.

•  Protecting against germs and boosting the immune system. (Positively charged germs are neutralized by negative ions.)

Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Depression

Negative ions have also been shown to have a positive effect on both chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder.

•  Scientists at Columbia University studied the effect of negative ions on seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They concluded that high-density negative ions appeared to act as an antidepressant for SAD patients and may be an alternative or supplement to light therapy and medications. They also found that negative ion induced alpha brain waves spread evenly across the right and left brain hemispheres creating an overall calming effect.(6)

•  Wesleyan University researchers investigated the efficacy of bright light and negative ions for treating chronic depression. They concluded, “Both bright light and negative air ions are effective for treatment of chronic depression… Combination treatment with antidepressant drugs may further enhance clinical response.”(7)

Regulating a Broken Internal Thermostat

Another property of the IonX-treated fabric that can be beneficial for improving sleep is its ability to wick moisture away from the body. Women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats often wake up in the middle of the night feeling wet and “clammy” from perspiration trapped against the skin. Goodnighties’ IonX fabric transports moisture away from the body via the capillary action of its treated fibers and allows women to sleep through the night and awaken feeling fresher.(8)

In addition, many women who have a history of being to hot or too cold when they sleep are reporting that they seem to maintain a more even and comfortable body temperature when wearing Goodnighties.

The Birth of Goodnighties

David Bacon, an expert in technical fabrics, was interested in the benefits of ionization. When his wife, Marcia, was recovering from several surgeries as well as dealing with menopausal symptoms, he encouraged her to try the IonX fabric. They were delighted when Marcia experienced a quicker recovery and felt more rested while wearing the ionized fabric.

Inspired by the results, the Bacons began to develop a softer, more comfortable ionized fabric with 4-way stretch that would be perfect for sleepwear. After years of testing and design, they created the Goodnighties line of recovery sleepwear.

One other aspect of Goodnighties sleepwear the Bacons are proud of is that Goodnighties are 100% manufactured in the USA.

Putting Goodnighties to the Test

I can personally attest to the benefits of Goodnighties because I’ve been wearing them for almost four years now. My skin is ultra-sensitive so the first test they had to pass was comfort. I was pleased to discover that Goodnighties are incredibly soft and feather light.

Since the first night I put them on, I’ve found that I consistently sleep for longer periods of time and wake up feeling refreshed – something I hadn’t experienced since developing fibromyalgia and ME/CFS more than 20 years ago. And I no longer wake up throughout the night feeling hot and sweaty. As an added plus, I’ve also had noticeably less pain since wearing Goodnighties.

I’m not alone. Before deciding to carry Goodnighties, ProHealth recruited “jammie testers” to put Goodnighties to the test. Here is a representative sample of what they had to say:

“I have been peri-menopausal for nearly a decade, and came to accept my night sweats as a way of life. After the first night’s dry and comfortable sleep, I was impressed when I awoke so very rested and on un-soaked sheets, I bought another Goodnighties. Now I sometimes wear my Goodnighties around the house… I’ve even secretly worn Goodnighties under my clothes… It just feels so good and my muscles seem much more relaxed than when I’m not wearing my Goodnighties. The fabric is so lightweight, it’s hardly noticeable, and it’s my little secret.” – Sheila A

“The fabric is wonderful, and I awoke with less pain in the morning when wearing Goodnighties.” – Cheryl L

“I have been trying the nightie and actually think it really makes a difference! The first few times I wore it I swore it ‘felt’ different when I put it on. But wasn’t quite sure if it was because I was expecting that or not. Today, I had a really, really bad pain day. All day long just struggling with pain. Put the nightie on tonight, and was watching TV, and found myself realizing at some point I felt a lot better. Pain was really minimized, feeling more positive, and suddenly I’ve been working on my computer, catching up on things. I find that amazing, as nothing had worked all day, and the only thing I did different was put this nightie on. They just might be on to something with this!” – Sheila C

Need-to-Know Facts About Goodnighties

Styles: Goodnighties sleepwear is available as a gown or pajama separates. For people with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS or other full-body illnesses, the Goodnighties manufacturers recommend the crop pants and ¾-sleeve top to provide the most effective coverage for pain relief.

Sizing: We have Goodnighties available in sizes ranging from Medium to XXL. Most people find that Goodnighties run true to size, so order whatever size sleepwear you normally get.

Care: The care of Goodnighties is very simple –– machine wash in cold water and hang to dry. Because they are so lightweight, they dry very quickly.

What About the Men?

Goodnighties now offers a line of pajama separates for men in black –– boxer-style sleep shorts and a crew neck T-shirt in sizes ranging from Medium to XXXL.

In Summary

The negative ions blended into Goodnighties’ IonX fabric naturally support the conditions known to encourage a good night’s sleep and help wearers wake more rested and restored.

Last Updated March 7, 2014

* Supplement research writer Karen Lee Richards is ProHealth’s Fibromyalgia Editor and a Health Guide, specializing in Fibromyalgia, for HealthCentral’s Chronic Pain Site. Karen is co-founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) and was Executive Editor of Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine for four years.


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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (40 votes, average: 3.80 out of 5)

3 thoughts on “When a Negative is Positive – Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear”

  1. lisamomto4 says:

    I LOVE this sleepwear! I’ve tried other brands that claim ‘moisture-wicking’ but there is nothing like this- so soft and breathable regulates body temp and having FM – it seems to reduce my pain. Sleeping better helps with my daily pain cycles. I’m like a different person! … my family is thrilled! Who knew? something this simple could help me so much! Thank you Goodnighties and ProHealth!

  2. denisem119 says:

    This nightwear sounds great. I figured it would be expensive, but was shocked when I saw how expensive it is! I certainly won’t be trying them. It’s out of my price range. Fibromyalgia can certainly take a toll on a person’s body AND finances. With the co-pay of office visits, prescriptions, therapy treatments, and then supplements not covered by insurance, it can really drain your finances.

  3. Boodle says:

    I have read books on the theory of “Earthing” or “Grounding.” I sleep on a grounded sheet CONNECTED TO A GROUNDED SOCKET. I don’t see how this sleepwear can magically become negatively charged. The (-) charge is in the ground, produced by the thousands of lightening strikes around the world every minute. I have grounded sandals, too, but the best way to get the benefit is to take your shoes off and walk on grass, sand, dirt, even concrete. You will sleep just as soundly, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

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