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Why Do We Apologize?

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By Clarissa Shepherd

We suffer through so much with chronic illness. Then on top of the suffering, we find the need to apologize for how we feel, for what we're not able to do, etc.

So many people around us, even medical personnel, try to impose their ideas of what we should or shouldn't be doing onto us. They don't live with our numerous symptoms, therefore, need not have such a say in our lives. Yet, if someone has an injury, surgery, etc, they're not expected to do what they aren't able to do. What makes our situation any different?

I've been guilty of this myself. I've apologized when someone wanted me to do something that I'm unable to do or go out when I'm unable to function. We need to learn that we've done nothing to apologize for. Apologizing indicates we did something wrong and we certainly didn't. This isn't of our making and if we had our way, we'd be well – out enjoying life – taking in all that's possible for each day.

It's time that we be kinder to ourselves, learn to say no – without apology – and stop feeling guilty for having a chronic illness. We deserve to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others.

This isn't something to apologize for. As a matter of fact, others should apologize to us for expecting more of us than we're able to do. Life is hard enough, so let's change our way of thinking concerning this. It won't come easily – one tiny step at a time.

Don't let go of this truth – you're courageous beyond measure! You're a fearless, mighty, warrior – going out to battle an unseen enemy each and every day. I find that amazing. So walk in that light that shines from you and be your own best friend.


Clarissa Shepherd is founder of the uplifting Fellow Travelers: Support and Chat (ME/CFS/FM) online Facebook support group and author of the book of natural healing: Find Your Way: A Guide to Healing While Living With Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (41 votes, average: 4.73 out of 5)

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Apologize?”

  1. Libbynfl says:

    Very informative article

  2. richcarson says:

    A beautiful, heart touching article that springs from truth.

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