Wobenzym N Provides Nutritional Defense for Inflammation and Related Pain

Wobenzym N, Europe’s #1 enzyme preparation, can help the body naturally defend against inflammation. That means natural healing support for conditions like: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint and muscle pain, Sports injuries, and Sprains and strains.

Confirmed in research studies
Used by world-class athletes throughout Europe, Wobenzym N has proven to be a safe and effective solution to inflammation and the pain that sometimes occurs as its result. In fact, Wobenzym N has shown to be as effective as NSAID pain relievers, without the harmful gastrointestinal distress they may cause. Even more important, Wobenzym N doesn’t just mask discomfort like conventional pain relievers, it actually works to address the pain at the site of the inflammation. In other words, Wobenzym N helps the body heal itself.

What is Wobenzym N?
Wobenzym N is a blend of five enzymes (bromelain, papain, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pancreatin) as well as the bioflavonoid rutin, that work in concert in the body. Perhaps you are familiar with digestive enzymes like papain and bromelain that help the body digest food; Wobenzym N employs these to help defend against microorganisms. The remaining systemic enzymes work to replenish declining enzyme levels at the cellular level. Each Wobenzym N tablet is coated so that it passes through the stomach and begins to break down in the upper intestine, releasing intact, active enzymes. From there, the lymphatic system absorbs the enzymes and transports them to the site of injury or illness.

Enzymes protect against inflammation!
The immune system is constantly under attack. In a healthy body, the immune system is strong enough to ward off these attacks. Inflammation can occur when the immune system is invaded by specific cells that produce pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. If allowed to, these unwelcome invaders enlist the cooperation of “helper molecules” and together they create a fortress that allows the inflammation process to continue and worsen, producing an endless cycle of pain and swelling. Like calling in the calvary, Wobenzym N destroys this fortress and rescues the body from the vicious cycle of inflammation. Like good triumphing over evil, the process of inflammation is halted and the immune system is free to begin healing itself.

Say goodbye to soreness, swelling and pain!
Controlling the immune system’s response to inflammation is the key to reducing its harmful effects While most of us think of inflammation as soreness, swelling and pain, inflammation actually occurs in differing degrees in nearly all illnesses. It can be interpreted as a visible sign for an immune system reaction or response. An interruption in the way immune cells communicate with regard to cytokines occurs in nearly every disease. As discussed previously, cytokines are pro-inflammatory agents in the body. This explains why Wobenzym N can be recommended for everything from sports injuries to sinus infections and why it has been tested successfully against everything from arthritis to Hepatitis C. Its ability to reduce inflammation and regulate the immune response in countless illnesses is the key to its widespread application.

Enzymes attack arthritis
Enzymes can stop the autoimmune process of the body attacking its own cartilage as is present in arthritis. The space around the body’s joints is inhabited by the synovial fluid, which is protected by the synovial membrane. This fluid helps the joints to move without pain. When the above-mentioned cytokines move through the synovial membrane, the cartilage it is protecting becomes compromised. As the cytokines continue to move into the synovia the destructive process continues, resulting in swelling, pain and loss of joint movement. As shown above, when systemic enzymes are supplemented, they can reduce the production of the proinflammatory cytokines, allowing activated immune cells to protect the synovia. The enzymes also reduce the number of “ports” on the surface of immune cells for harmful cells to attach, allowing for fewer invasions. Perhaps most importantly, enzymes break down the “cell adhesion molecules;” allowing fewer and fewer harmful activated immune cells to travel toward the synovia and wreak havoc. In other words, Wobenzym N stops the autoimmune process of the body attacking its own cartilage.

Pain relief without stomach upset
Wobenzym N works to not only stop the process of inflammation, it helps the body mobilize its immune system to heal itself. A study conducted and published in Germany (where Wobenzym N was developed) tested the efficacy of Wobenzym N against Diclofenac, an NSAID. The subjects tested suffered from acute osteoarthritis of the knee. Upon completion of the study it was concluded that “…both evaluated drugs showed equal potency” and that “…Wobenzym N can be used as an alternative substance in the treatment of acute painful osteoarthritis.” These findings are important; although both treatments were evaluated with equal effectiveness, Wobenzym N showed virtually no side effects. Side effects from NSAID pain relievers commonly include gastrointestinal discomfort, sometimes including ulcers and bleeding.

How do I begin taking Wobenzym N and is it safe?
Dosage of Wobenzym N varies from the needs of those with minor discomfort to the needs of an Olympic athlete. The manufacturers of Wobenzym N recommend beginning by taking 3 tablets, 2-3 times per day between meals. The body will absorb the enzymes it needs at the side of distress; any unabsorbed enzymes are eliminated through intestinal digestion or the elimination process. Wobenzym N has undergone extensive testing for safety using the FDA’s Good Labor Practice (GLP) standards. Single, repetitive or long-term ingestion of Wobenzym N produces no serious signs of toxicity or side effects. Minor side effects reported include stomach upset, in rare instances.

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