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Conference Services, Inc., and The Institute for Molecular Medicine will present the Second Annual Integrative Medicine Conference for Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine in the Skirball Center in West Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, February 23, 2002. This is another conference in the series of “New Frontiers in Medicine.” The topic of this year’s symposium is Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine, and the conference will deal with various aspects of health that are of particular concern to women.

Conference Chairpersons: Dr. Garth L. Nicolson and Dr. Nancy L. Nicolson, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, Huntington Beach, CA.

The First Integrative Medicine Conference in Anaheim, CA on November 11, 2000 brought together over 300 participants from various states in the U.S.A., including international visitors to the conference. The Second Integrative Medicine Conference is expected to host an even larger group of health professionals. The conference will also be open to the public on a limited basis.


The mission of the Institute for Molecular Medicine is to contribute to the understanding of and the prevention and cure of catastrophic human chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, fatigue illnesses, rheumatic diseases, cancer, AIDS, and infectious and genetic diseases. This will be accomplished through innovative basic research programs. The goal is to apply basic molecular research approaches to better understand and eventually treat catastrophic human chronic diseases. We are building scientific programs that interface with clinical programs by recruiting outstanding scientists and physicians to work in a multidisciplinary scientific environment designed for maximum innovation and productivity.

The Institute’s Plan is to be conducted in four phases. In phase 1, the Institute has been funded using private and institutional donations, and the initial scientists have been chosen to lead the Institute. The Institute presently occupies an 18,000 sq. ft. building at 15162 Triton Lane, Huntington Beach, California. Additional space near this facility of approximately the same size is under negotiation. In Phase 11, a permanent physical plant will be planned, and additional scientists and administrators hired. In Phase III, a permanent building will be constructed using the endowment funds available to the Institute and the additional scientists and other necessary staff hire. In Phase IV, endowment of programs and scientists at the Institute will be completed and future scientific plans formulated.

The scientific program of the Institute will be centralized to some degree by the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board. Centralized core research facilities are being established to provide centralized equipment and more efficient services, such as those required for tissue culture median and glassware preparation, molecular biology services, animal care and other services. With the input of regional Universities, the Institute for Molecular Medicine will build educational programs. These programs will focus primarily on undergraduate and graduate research, medical research and other programs that require advanced laboratory training in a multidisciplinary setting. It is expected that some institute faculty will become Adjunct University Faculty and enter into University educational programs through teaching and supervisory research.

INTERNATIONAL MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY is a full service certified reference diagnostic laboratory. IMD’s main function is to provide clinical laboratory services, including routine clinical laboratory testing and specialty tests concentrating in the area of chronic diseases. In addition to clinical laboratory testing, the company conducts research aimed at discovering and developing diagnostic tests and new methods and technologies. IMD is comprised of the following departments: Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. The research departments are: Clinical Research, Technology Research and Development and Clinical Trials. IMD employs a group of scientists and consultants with Ph.D and M.D. degrees in different specialties. All clinical testing is performed by highly skilled, certified clinical laboratory scientists and technologists who are trained and oriented to perform the highest quality work to fulfill your patient’s care need. Office location: 15162 Triton Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1041 Tel.714-799-7177, Fax 714-799-9787

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Alexandra Levine, Director of the U.S.C. School of Medicine Norris Cancer Center, Los Angeles, “Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infections”

Dr. Jennifer Berman of the U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Female Sexual Health Center, Los Angeles

Dr. Laura Berman of the U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Female Sexual Health Center, Los Angeles, “The Female Sexual Medicine Center”

Dr. Aurelia Nattiv of the U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Osteoporosis Center, Los Angeles, “Osteoporosis: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment”

Dr. Ferre Akbarpour of the Immune Institute of Huntington Beach, CA, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

Dr. Jeanette Dunn of the Foundation for Care Management, Seattle, WA, “New Views on Nutrition”

Dr. Ilene Blickner of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, Los Angeles, “Organized Medicine and Women’s Health”

Dr. Christy Russell* of the U.S.C. School of Medicine Norris Cancer Center, Los Angeles, “Diagnosis and Treatment for Breast, Uterus and Ovarian Cancers”

Dr. Judith Parker Harris of the Self Esteem Institute, Los Angeles, “Self Esteem and Women’s Health”

Dr. Jan Barton Hamilton of Nutritional Biomedicine, Plainview, TX, “New Views on Nutrition”

Dr. Hyla Cass of Pacific Palisades, CA, “The Role of Herbal Therapy in a Woman’s Health”

*Not yet confirmed as of March 8, 2001

Sponsors include: The Institute for Molecular Medicine, International Molecular Diagnostics, Inc., Molecular Hyperbaric Medicine, Inc., University of Southern California School of Medicine Norris Cancer Center, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Female Sexual Health Center, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Osteoporosis Center, Swiss Bioceutical, Inc., Heel Corporation, Immune Pak Nutrition, RxGoodHealth web site, and Wakanauga Corporation.

Conference Fees:

Course Fees: Advance registration, $95, at day of event, $150. Fees include continental breakfast and a buffet lunch.

Registration and Further Information:

Further information is available from the Conference Director, Dr. Paul Berns. He can be reached at Molecular Hyperbaric Medicine, tel: 714-846-6360; website: www.o2med.com.


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