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Writing Affirmatively

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Fibromyalgia can rob us of many things – strength, peacefulness, friends, jobs…sometimes even our own identify.  The words we speak to ourselves matter.  Unfortunately, many of us find negative self-talk not only easier to do, but also easier to hear.

As we have learned in the last few weeks from our friend Celeste Cooper, coping strategies vary among each of us. Celeste writes as a way of coping and today we continue our exploration of some of her coping strategies as we learn about Writing Affirmatively.

“Words of affirmation are powerful.
Words change lives; words and ideas change the world.” 

~ Bryant McGill ~

Affirmations are authoritative sentences that reflect a positive goal or characteristic. They can be short or long, but the shorter they are, the more likely we are to remember them. A good example is:??

  • I can…
  • I try…
  • I will…

What can Affirmations do for us?

  • They encourage positive thinking.
  • They help us express our gratitude.
  • They present us with purpose.
  • They incite change.
  • They create positive self-awareness.
  • They set examples.
  • They touch our spirituality.
  • They empower us.
  • They connect us to all living things.

Examples of Affirmations

  • I have no duty to be perfect.
  • I always have options.
  • I am not my mistakes.
  • This is a learning experience.
  • Let my spirit be filled with the melody of joy.
  • I embrace detours; they take me to undiscovered places.
  • If I listen closely, I will hear the sweet sound of human interaction.
  • I am sick, I am sexy, I am sixty-ish; I am a scud missile; don’t mess with me.
  • I will choose my words well and create a voice for the benefit of others.

Clues for Writing and Using Affirmations

  1. Keep them short and easy to remember.
  2. Keep your favorite affirmations written where you can see them frequently.
  3. Personalize them with words such as I, my, me.
  4. Make the positive with words like will, can, do, smile, thank, forgive.
  5. Put motion to them with verbs such as create, give, follow, endeavor, try.
  6. Commit yourself to one affirmation at a time.
  7. Write or read an affirmation four times a day, EVERY DAY.
Grab your pen, pencil or keyboard NOW!

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