“XMRV has strong link with human cancer, including prostate and breast cancer” – Dr. Ila Singh, et al.

Months ago, XMRV researchers Dr. Ila Singh and colleagues at the University of Utah’s Singh Laboratory filed a US patent application for “Methods and Compositions Relating to XMRV-Related Diseases and Conditions.”

The application (archived at the World Intellectual Property Organization website) is hard for the layperson to understand & plow through, but XMRV Global Action facebook, tipped off by  poster “jmk” at www.MECFSforums.com, has pulled out some compelling direct quotes of immense potential import regarding neuro-immune illnesses and, in a riveting new twist, breast cancer.  

Overall, the application states, the methods and compositions relate to “the diagnosis of XMRV infection and XMRV-related disease, including but not limited to malignancies such as prostate cancer, lymphomas, leukemias, myelodysplastic diseases, thymomas and also non-cancerous conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, and other neuroimmune disorders.”

In particular, findings are cited to the effect that "the present inventors discovered that XMRV has a strong link with human cancer, including prostate cancer and breast cancer." (Italics ours.)

More broadly, the uses of the methods & compositions are described as:

• Identifying individuals who have – or are "at risk of having" – cancer, or chronic fatigue syndrome,

• Monitoring progression of disease,

• Monitoring treatment efficacy,

• And with regard to cancer, “assessment of cancer grade and long-term prognosis of a subject with cancer through the detection of anti-XMRV antibodies.”


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